Zhuhai Hengqin New Home Project First Phase (Commercial Part)

Amount of Investment: 147.9million Yuan
Hengqin New Area Key Project

Hengqin New Home Commercial Street is the key project of Hengqin Administrative Commission, which is aiming to improve the living quality of local residents, perfect the living supporting facilities, help the moving-in residents to improve their ability of self-production, speed up the process of urbanisation, to build the urbanisation demonstration area and relocation demonstration area.

Hengqin New Home Commercial Street lies in the west side of Hengqin Island east ring road (University of Macau, Hengqin Campus). University of Macau, Hengqin Campus is just cross the road. The street is adjacent to Shi Zi Men waterway, near both the port and the commercial zone, which is an area withthe most convenient transportation, ready development condition, and completed infrastructures land with huge potential exploring space. 

The total construction area of project is 22800 square meters, over ground building area 13800 square meters, 2-3 floors, 17.2 meters height. Underground is used as air defense garage, super market and engine room. Reinforced concrete frame structure, using a large room furnished, interior space can be combined or divided, suitable for any commercial purposes.Common area like corridor, elevator and washroom will be designed and furnished, while the rest of rough rooms can be decorated and furnished varies by different demands.

The commercial street takes example by local villages to create a pleasant courtyard layout. Meanwhile, the street employs the traditional forms of Lingnan bamboo houses, townhouse pattern layout with strong applicability.Through extensive use of the arcade, alley, corridor and other traditional architectural layout elements, combined with the flyover, outdoor stairs and other facilities to achieve the most rational use of space considering the local weather, protect customers from sun and rain without too much energy spending.

The inner street scene utilising different pavement textures constitute a variety of landscape space which creating an atmosphere lighting shuttles for the night shopping. At the same time, The use of separate organize people and vehicles and multi-joint for Central Cooling system can make customers comfortably pleasant.