Zhu Hai Da Heng Qin Co. Ltd is focusing its business on the primary land development and construction project management at present time. In the future, the company will continuously step into other profit business and gradually expand the core business segment of urban comprehensive resource development and so on to achieve the commercial operation. Meanwhile, the company has been devoted to become the national first-class large enterprise by using scientific strategies; improving management efficiency; chasing cooperation between Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau. Based in Heng Qin; Serve Heng Qin, Look at Guang Dong, Hong Kong and Macau; Face to the world and Create an international brand.

Talent is the foundation of enterprise development, and is also the first productivity to promote the great-leap-forward development. The company always pays attention to team building, introduce talents from multi-channels, train personnel under efficient mechanism, provide the talents with wide opportunities of promotion, and protect business in the fierce competition with strong guarantee. In the meantime, each one of the employees can achieve self-worth in Da Heng Qin group, achieve both personal career plan and company development goal, and grow together.

Regarding introduction of talents, the company set up a high standard and moderate advanced mechanism. Open internal referral, social recruitment, executive hunting and other channels to attract and exam talents. 

In terms of manpower training, the company built a comprehensive and systematic training system. By integrating culture into management, enhancing staff capacity levels in practice and integrated management, the company cultivated a batch after batch of hard working, pioneering excellent staff.

In personnel promotion, because of the rapid and diversified development, Da Heng Qin provides every employee with broad development space and promotion platform. The staff's initiative was inspired as well as inherent potential was excavated to maximum by company’s effective incentive mechanism, fair competition platform and broad development space. Thus, internal company formed a good incentive atmosphere.

The company currently has more than 152 employees, more than 90 percent of employees for undergraduate education, including 27 senior titles, 51 intermediate title and 29 postgraduates. Lofty ideals and missions, together with unstoppable execution formed the efficient company culture, unity and cooperation working environment, which become a strong force for the company to continue move forward.