Zhuhai Hengqin New Home Project First Phase (Residential Part)

Amount of Investment: 686 million RMB
Hengqin New Area Key Project

The project is located to the west of east part of island ring road, opposite the new campus of University of Macau. The first phase of project covers 60000 square meters out of the 480000 square meters land using, total floor area ratio 120000 square meters. Including residential and commercial groups. Residential group consists of 9 of 24-30 floors high-rise apartments with overhead layer on the first floor, partially designed as equipment room and ancillary room (clubhouse, activity room,  waste transfer station, etc.), the underground connecting 9 building served as park place, equipment room and so on. The total number of accommodation is 1077, using the area of land 143784 square meters (over ground building area 112040 square meters, underground building area 31744 square meters), building height more than 90 meters; commercial group includeing one underground and 2-3 floors overground. The underground is mainly designed for parking, super market, equipment, etc., while over ground part is aimed for dining restaurant, tea house and so on. Building area using 22746 square meters (13691 square meters overground and 9055 square meters underground). The purpose of the first phase is to allocate new and original residents. The project has been successfully completed.