Hengqin New Area Senior Personnel Apartment

Amount of Investment: 1.826 billion RMB
Hengqin New Area Key Project

Along with the continually increasing of the resident companies in port service area, cultural and innovative area, comprehensive service area and leisure resort area, as well as the implemented of major projects,  It is urgent for Hengqin New Area to build accommodation, cafeteria, shopping mall, leisure and other integrated living service  facilities. To implement Hengqin New Area’s talent zone policy, the senior personnel apartment project will also accelerate the development of New Area.

The land use of the project is 25660 square meters; building area is 129331 square meters (basement 49790 square meters, overground 79540 square meters). North-east part of the project is designed as Hengqin New Home and Hengqin New Home commercial street; North part of the project is at present under the construction of Kindergarten and primary school. The project is divided into different phases. The first phase is about 7000 square meters and intended to build a high-rise apartment on the north land, 12 floors in total, building area is about 19311 square meters (including business podium 4900 square meters, basement floor 4383 square meters). The second phase occupying 18660 square meters, 21-27 floors, and total building area is about 110020 square meters.

To improve the standard and quality of construction, implement Hengqin’s talent zone policy and attract more talented people, the first phase project authorise Philip Liao and Partners Limited as the interior consultant of Senior Personnel Apartment Project.