Hengqin Bridge “Second-Tier” Channel Project

Amount of Investment: 402 million RMB
Zhuhai City Key Project
Hengqin New Area International Residence Area and business district  east side road and ancillary facility project (first stage), which is Hengqin Bridge “Second-Tier” Channel Project is connecting east side of island ring road and north land to north side of island ring road, along with Henqqin bridge. Construction work included soft foundation treatment, building, site and road construction, etc. Total building plot is 147,300 square meters (the redline construction area occupied 112,200 square meters), total construction area is about 282,821,900 square metersestimation of static investment is approximately 401, 559, 91 RMB. This project has been successfully completed by the end of December, 2013.