Hengqin New Area Comprehensive Development Project

Amount of Investment: 38 billion RMB
Hengqin New Area Key Project
Hengqin New Area Comprehensive Development Project is a very important infrastructure construction financing project. The project includes Main Island and artificial island with a total investment of 38 billion RMB. The artificial island covers about 20 square kilometres, invested 23 billion RMB, while main island municipal infrastructure and public facilities take up about 15 billion RMB (including embankment project, flood control work, municipal road project, island artificial project, site reclamation and headquarters building, 15 projects in 6 categories).
a) Hengqin New Area artificial island and supporting projects. The main construction content contains: reclaiming 20 square kilometers land by filling the sea, municipal infrastructure project on the landfills (including road, bridge, flood control dam, etc.), transport facilities (road, bridge, etc.) between Hengqin and new land, island and island.
b) Municipal infrastructure construction on the main island of Hengqin mainly includes following six parts: municipal road and supporting parts, embankment project, flood control and floodway project, Hengqin New Area Tian Mu river flood control project and landscape engineering, central ditch site reclamation, Hengqin development building.
The 38 billion RMB invested Hengqin New Area Comprehensive Development Project has utterly started from 2013.