Hengqin New Area Municipal Infrastructure BT Project

Guang Dong Provincial Key Project
Hengqin New Area Municipal Infrastructure BT Project (referred to as BT Project) is initiated by Zhuhai Da Heng Qin Co.Ltd, which nominated by Hengqin New Area. Metallurgical Corporation of China LTD implements the construction work.

BT Project divided into demonstration section and non-demonstration section according to the start-up time. Demonstration section includes North Island surrounding arterial and sub-arterial road municipal road projects (referred to as demonstration road project) and coastal sub-arterial road embankment and landscape project (referred to as demonstration embankment project); non-demonstration section includes arterial and sub-arterial road municipal construction projects and embankment and landscape construction project.

BT Project contains three parts according to the project content. Municipal road work and pipe network engineering include road, bridge and culvert, feed-water, sewage, rainwater, reserved gully, roadway lighting, landscape engineering, transport facilities, safety facilities, etc.; the total road length is 71.7km (including an urban expressway of 7.0 km, 11 urban main roads of 43.5km, 4 minor urban roads of 21.2km, utility tunnel of  28.3km, cable tunnel of 10km, 3 tunnels (maximum length 2.32km),  2 river-crossing bridges over the Tian Mu River, 5 car tunnels, 23 underground passages). Sea dams, the total length of sea dams are 15.08km. x586 Jin Lian Line and road maintenance surrounding University of Macau, Hengqin.

Municipal infrastructure BT project is nearly completed. It has built “two horizontal, one vertical, one round” ring road of 71.7km, as well as the longest, most complete system of integrated underground pipe ditch within China, with a length of 33.4km.